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Innovative applications draw the real surplus for value-added services. Due to its superb IT-infrastructure and much expertise in the area of Asterisk-based system structures, First Telecom is one of the leading suppliers of applications in the section of innovative value-added services.

Network ACD

The virtual network ACD by net mobile AG is the alternative system to local hardware solutions. It provides full range ACD functionality at a minimum of technical requirements: starting with the allocation of incoming calls to competent available staff members at any location up to bundling of call centres at different locations to one big virtual call centre. Agents can dial in flexibly from each location; handling is done directly via the internet. Due to this, low fixed costs increase your profit and availability can be scaled optimally without large investments. Of course, you receive various and detailed statistics about the call flow.

Network IVR

First Telecom offers innovative IVR solutions for different fields of application. These are either already ready-to-use module solutions and can be used directly, or they are freely configurable IVR masks that are processed by the client themselves. All IVR solutions of the First Telecom are offered in the cloud.

For the automation of specific recurring business processes, ready-to-use modules offer interesting fields of application: This enables, for example, simple, automatic and cost-neutral processes for electronic metering or master data changes through our IVR solutions.

Managed Asterisk (MASP)

First Telecom offers professional system engineering in a carrier grade data center to developers. That way developers can concentrate on the development of innovative applications whilst First Telecom assures operations. You are able to access 20,000 ports and get you numbers supplied from the First Telecom switch directly. In addition your traffic can be terminated via numerous carriers via TDM and VoIP.

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65,312,249 60,431,000 96.80%
7,639,961 9,087,000 120.20%
81,471,834 103,026,590 125.06%
138,739,892 211,931,940 150.84%
9,088,728 12,213,560 132.30%
9,976,062 10,861,480 109.19%
61,016,804 82,327,830 139.52%
10,190,213 13,684,900 134.49%
62,698,362 78,050,050 127.01%
46,754,784 53,603,820 114.65%
16,847,007 18,193,420 110.31%
38,441,588 44,685,890 117.85%
8,217,280 11,550,600 136.49%

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