Secure SIP trunking in highest quality

At First Telecom, all conditions are in place to provide SIP trunking with high and guaranteed safety and quality.

Call Center can directly and easily connect their VoIP-enabled phone systems via the existing broadband connections. Expensive primary multiplex or system connections are thus omitted. In addition, all existing numbers or whole blocks of numbers, including all extensions, can be transferred seamlessly.

The connection of complete sites via SIP trunking results in interesting cost advantages for the supply as well as great flexibility in the extension of the concept to other locations. They can be quickly and easily integrated into the existing infrastructure.

In the near future, complete PBX can be virtualized in a cloud. Therefore, all known advantages of cloud computing will be also available in the world of professional hardware environments of call centers.

The benefits are obvious:

  • High potential for cost savings through the elimination of existing analogue or ISDN lines
  • Cost advantages with connection charges
  • Security and quality of service in a certified data center
  • High scalability through the convenient connection of other locations
  • Easy integration into existing systems through the acquisition of existing phone numbers and extensions
Coverage Locations
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65,312,249 60,431,000 96.80%
7,639,961 9,087,000 120.20%
81,471,834 103,026,590 125.06%
138,739,892 211,931,940 150.84%
9,088,728 12,213,560 132.30%
9,976,062 10,861,480 109.19%
61,016,804 82,327,830 139.52%
10,190,213 13,684,900 134.49%
62,698,362 78,050,050 127.01%
46,754,784 53,603,820 114.65%
16,847,007 18,193,420 110.31%
38,441,588 44,685,890 117.85%
8,217,280 11,550,600 136.49%

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