Our leadership

Björn M. Reiter – CEO

Björn M. Reiter, after graduating in business administration, started his career with the liberalization of the telecommunications market in Germany at RWE Systemhaus and otelo, a joint venture of RWE and VEBA, where he at last was responsible for the development of IP based standard solutions for corporate customers.

Together with co-workers he founded the internet system integartor Rate One in the year 2000, where he lead the marketing- and product management. After the successful trade sale of Rate One to dtms AG, he became the parent company’s Director of Product Management.  During his 8 year commitment at dtms, he was also responsible for the buildup of the Mobile Business Unit for the D-A-CH Region and starting in 2008 also held the position of Chief Sales Officer for Media & Entertainment. By Mid-2010, he joined the Management Board of First Telecom.   

Together with Heiko Hellstern, his ambition is to further expand the success of the Frankfurt-based network operator. Thanks to First Telecom's technical infrastructure, his plan has a groundbreaking and solid basis.

Bernd Weber – CTO

Bernd Weber obtained his diploma as an electrical engineer, specializing in communications engineering, at the University of Applied Sciences in Dieburg and started his career at SEL in Stuttgart as a developer for digital switching systems.

After various telecommunications projects as part of his work at LIT - Lahmeyer Informationstechnik, he and his colleagues founded Rate One GmbH, which became part of dtms AG. In 2002 he took over the management of the IT department at dtms and in the following years also acted as interim manager for the billing, switching and software development departments.

He has been in charge of technology at First Telecom GmbH since January 2019.

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65,312,249 60,431,000 96.80%
7,639,961 9,087,000 120.20%
81,471,834 103,026,590 125.06%
138,739,892 211,931,940 150.84%
9,088,728 12,213,560 132.30%
9,976,062 10,861,480 109.19%
61,016,804 82,327,830 139.52%
10,190,213 13,684,900 134.49%
62,698,362 78,050,050 127.01%
46,754,784 53,603,820 114.65%
16,847,007 18,193,420 110.31%
38,441,588 44,685,890 117.85%
8,217,280 11,550,600 136.49%

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