First Telecom modernizes the network

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First Telecom has built up new Next Generation Network (NGN)

Frankfurt, 11. Juni 2019 -

In order to ensure quality in the future, First Telecom has built up and extensively tested Next Generation Network (NGN) technology in recent months. The new network components went into production in June 2019. The change took place without interruption of the services. Many customer systems have been connected to the First Telecom network by SIP trunk (voice transmission via internet protocol) for several years. With the introduction of the NGN, there is now also a direct IP gateway to the access network operators, so that the communication on their way through the network no longer need to be repeatedly changed from the new IP technology to the old ISDN technology and back. If you plan to connect your systems via SIP trunk to the First Telecom network in the future, then please contact us. We are happy to assist you. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the First Team using the familiar contact information.

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65.312.249 60.431.000 96,80%
38.441.588 44.685.890 117,85%
16.847.007 18.193.420 110,31%
46.754.784 53.603.820 114,65%
62.698.362 78.050.050 127,01%
10.190.213 13.684.900 134,49%
61.016.804 82.327.830 139,52%
9.976.062 10.861.480 109,19%
9.088.728 12.213.560 132,30%
138.739.892 211.931.940 150,84%
81.471.834 103.026.590 125,06%
7.639.961 9.087.000 120,20%
8.217.280 11.550.600 136,49%



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